Display dynamic data in html type tables in emails

Hello - I’ve been searching through old posts but have still not found a solution that works for me.

I have an Orders table with a related OrderDetails table to show multiple details for an order. I want to dynamically list the items associated with an order in an email. I would like to have them formatted in an html style table so they look something like this:

I’ve tried creating a text field in each orderdetail with the html tags embedded into them but when the email is generated it just shows the tags as text.
I’ve tried using the Bubble email component and recently tried to use SendGrid - but neither has worked.

Is there a Plugin for this? Is there a decent solution that someone has found? I am fine with paying for a plugin or if someone can code this for me I will hire them.

Getting dynamic data to the email isn’t the problem - I can send single field items to the email. Its showing the details object that is difficult for me to crack.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

@ray3 welcome to the community!

Type “table” in the plugins tab and many options will be presented

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