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Putting my list of things into an email

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out how to get my list of things in my data to be placed into an email ,but the list be split by row within the email. Right now it is split by column.

Currently this is my list in my database:

Here is the email I get:

I instead would like it to read:
2 box(es) Pens in 1 wk.
1 box(es) Bottled water in 2 wks.

Any help would be appreciated!

Just to clarify, the amount of items each email will send will change depending on how many items they add to the list. So I cannot perform a static search, such as “do a search for list first items item” and so on. Is there a way I could step through after I count the number of items?


Can you please show us the workflow that you are using to send the email?

Certainly, here is my workflow for when I press a button that is called send email. Thank you:

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This may help …

I’ve attempted to use the line_break function in order to try to break everything up but I either do not understand it well enough or it does not work with what I am trying to do.

Can you possibly walk me thorough what you mean when you say HTML mail? Thank you.

The problem you have is that you have separate lists for quantity, unit, item, timeframe.

To combine the data structure into a text summary requires more effort to build up the text string. There are some alternatives in this post:

HTML email is a separate topic, have a search of the forum there has been some useful discussion already.

FYI the email service that comes with Bubble is only intended for testing and is unreliable (has limits shared by other users), you should be using your own account with Sendgrid, or use API calls to another email provider.

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I appreciate your post, but I’m really new to all of this and honestly understand what that post is talking about without understand how an API works or even what it is is difficult for me. I don’t really see how I can use this in order to get to what I want to achieve. Is there any way you could walk me through a little more or link me a few more posts to help me understand?


Here’s an example of using the List Item Expression to get a text representation for use in an email:

app editor
app runtime

Look for the “ListItemExpression C”, i.e. the third one from the top, which has its result displayed in “list summary”.

list summary:

11.97 item subtotal, qty: 3 price: 3.99 fork
56.97 item subtotal, qty: 3 price: 18.99 knife
79.76 item subtotal, qty: 1 price: 79.76 Silver Spoon
…and a mess of other test data!

I think not many people are using List Item Expression. If you’re not comfortable with it, you’d probably prefer to:

Build up a string of each line item as they are created, and store it in a field on the line item thing. Which is a good approach for server-side initiating emails.


Thanks for the great information and help. I really appreciate it. After looking over everything, I decided the best way (for me) was to simply create another field with the string already created, as you had advised. This then allowed me to use the line_break method very easily.


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been looking over everything here as I am having this same issue. However, I am not sure if my database organization makes this different or not.

this is the app that I am working with:

If you go to the orders list (when previewing the app), and click view on an order, it loads the order into the green group for display. Once the order is in there, I need to to send an email, which contains all that basic information, in a legible manner. see screen shot:

In my app, each item on that list of items is it’s own ‘thing’. It has a field for quantity, product associated with it (to get price/category), and a total which is generated by price*quantity. This collection of things is saved as a list in the ‘order’s’ thing.

I am not seeing any options for ‘join with’ when selecting dynamic data options, and the only lists I can generate are just strings of the ‘category’ or ‘total’ and never in any meaningful/legible order.

What am I missing?

Hello friend,

I hope I will be able to help because I’ve gotten so much support from this forum. I’ll try my best to explain what I did.

To begin, here is my database:

Now in it, I have similar things to you. My item name, unit of measure for the item, quantity. But I believe where my database probably differs from yours is that I combined all those into a strong WITHIN my database:

So you can see my data base will contain something like: “2 box(es) of paper within 1 wk”
This will all be recorded within the string column.

From there you can see that I use the join with function in my send email workflow:

Notice that it only will appear after you do a search for the database item you wish to include. Also, I believe you will have to manually enter the “line_break” function.

Hope this helps!


Oh, that is interesting and the rest makes so much sense. Can’t wait to get back to the office and give that a try. Might work really well to ‘make changes to a thing’ and generate the string with the same button which sends out the email.

Super awesome, thank you!

And man, the people here really are great indeed!

I’m glad I could finally offer some help instead of just ask the questions. Haha. Please let me know if there is anything else I could help with!

Best of luck!

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Yeah, that got it working very well. Thank you again!

Eventually, I am going to want to get PDF invoices working, but this should be sufficient until then. Now, on to stripe API!

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