HTML email - format as text help

Can anyone explain how to iterate over a list of things in a HTML email please?
I have cobbled together a HTML email and I want to repeat a box/table for each item resulting from a search.
I can list all the results of the search in a single box/table using format as text option but don’t know what is syntax to allow looping for what is a dynamic list.
I am using the Richer Postmark Plugin and inputting the HTML in the HTML box.
Any help would be appreciated - thanks.

Something like this?

<!-- static text -->
        <tr class="table-header">
            <td>heading column 1</td>
            <td>heading column 2</td>
            <td>heading column 3</td>

<!-- loop list using formatted as text -->
        <tr class="item-row">
            <td>{{ dynamic.value1 }}</td>
            <td>{{ dynamic.value2}}</td>
            <td>{{ dynamic.value3 }}</td>
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I think I have used a few different way to do this. <br> I think is what I would put in sometimes. You can put it right before your text or use the delimiter, depending on how you have things set up. :blush:

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Thanks for your response Alan, but not quite what I need - I think.
I see that you have provided html for a 3 column table but how do I get the class = “item-row” to activate in my template?

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