Display "file" data type


I have users who have a data type “file” saved to them. I need to be able to display that, but I can’t seem to figure out how.

Any ideas?

Do you mean you need to display the actual file as a viewable document, display the file as an object so that it can be interacted with (ie opened, downloaded, etc), or that you need to display the file type (PDF, docx, etc)?

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I need to display the file so that it can be interacted with, opened, downloaded, etc.

If you have a data type called “Files”, you’d have data fields on it that you could reference. For example:


Note that the file data field is of type “file” - this should be a list if you’re going to let users attach more than one file to a File record. Name would be the name that you want to present to the user.

Then on whatever page you are trying to populate the file on, you can use a repeating group to do a search for “Files” with whatever constraints you need. Add a text element to pull the files name and add a workflow that opens the file when clicked:

Does that help?