Several informations for a single field [Closed]

Hi everyone,

I wish to basically, among other fields (title, name, date, etc), attach a file to data (let’s call the datum X1). All the X data are then displayed in a repeating group. This works perfectly well with one file (of course).

My goal is to attach several files to one single datum X1. But I can only upload/define one information per field.

1) How should I proceed to get several files/images/whatever, attached to one datum X1 ?

I have tried a repeating group in a repeating group, and tried to define a new Type of Thing for these files which I could link to data X1. No success. This bring me to a second question :

2) How do we manage to link 2 different types of data together (some data X linked to some data Y) ?

Any ideas ? I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you,

On the field, you need to make sure it’s set to be a List of Things, otherwise, it’s just expecting one thing.

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Tick the box “This is a list”.

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Thank you, how did I miss that ^^ !

It is a bit more complicated than the “one thing” field : when I define the field by let’s say “File”, with List of Things option clicked, I have to choose “add”, “set list” or “add list”. Which one should I use and how to set the workflow properly ?

All right I managed to finally understand and use that functionnality, with the multi uploader file element. Thank you for the information.

Nevertheless, I am dealing with the following issue :

I got several files named joliesphotos for some data called VR, displayed in a repeating group along with every datum field. It looks like this :

I just can not manage to send the proper information to open the file (“joliphotos”) in another tab :

I have properly set the new tab (in which I wish to display the file) that it is coming from a VR thing, and I draw some image element to show “current’s VR’s joliphotos”.

What is wrong exactly ?

I have tried to do differently, to simply display a link in the VR repeating group (the big one), so without the Secondary repeating group ; but then I don’t know how to display several files. The issue is that a single link would display all the files allowing a single click, and this doesn’t work anymore when I upload more than one file…


Could you share a link to the editor?

Actually I have just found 5 minutes ago how to do it…

Quite unexpectingly, I set things this way for the Link :
Of course I ticked the box “open a new tab” too.

And that really works.

This allows to not have to set an external additional page requiring to recieve the information of the file.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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