Want to showcase the uploaded files

Hey! I have uploaded the files using Multi-File Uploader BUT whenever I try to showcase the files. It Is showing something Like this. Please check the screenshots.

You are currently displaying the file’s URL. To display the file’s name, use "Current Page Project Details’s Uploaded File’s File Name

One way to do it would be to upload to the database via a workflow, typically to a list? You could then search and display in the repeating group, I would imagine the ‘type of content’ would be ‘image’ or something like that and you would show the ‘current cell’ from that list. That’s how I display a gallery from the multi-file uploader. I’m sure there are other ways that might be better.
At the moment you’re only asking it to display the URL or file name.


@grace.hallak Hey! I have also tried that but all files are showcasing in a single repeating group. AND I can’t see the uploaded files.

@john6 The file type is not fixed it may be image, word, or pdf. Every time I get the result as capture 4.