Upload files (.txt or .doc) and List them in a RG

Hi guys,

sorry I bet this is a stupid, basic question, but I need to upload files, as a user, and then show the files and the properties in a RG or table. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance.

You could have a thing called “File” - its data type is file

You could have a data field under User called “fileList” - its data type is “File” and check the box that it is a list.

Simple proof of concept would be to make a page with a file upload element with a save button.

Workflow when save button is clicked:
Action 1) Create a new thing: File - upload element’s file
Action 2) Make changes to thing: Current User: fileList - add result of step 1’s File

Also on the page include a Repeating Group
Data type: File thing
Data source: Current User’s fileList

That ought to be a workable starting point for you to understand the core concepts.

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Wow, thank you so much Jason1. I actually get what you’re saying and will give that a try!!! Thank you, thank you, I thank you!!!

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Hi Jason1.

Thank you very much. I’ve gotten the POC working! I’ve gone all over the shop though, like a drunk on a skateboard, but finally got there. Probably more to do with me not reading your instructions properly but you’ve saved the day. Cheers.

Just to add, I messed up, I was actually just showing the value of the uploader not the actual files, so I wrote the uploads as single entries in the database, following what I gleened from this bubble forum post How do i show uploaded file on my page? . Just in case this is of any help to anyone else. Thanks to all.

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