Display first item (img) in repeating group of MultiFile uploader

Happy New Year! :tophat:

I am having trouble getting the first image to display on a Product. I am following the Etsy tutorial and am stuck at displaying a list of dynamic content.

I can get all of the content I need but the first image. Where I diverged from the tutorial is I used MultiFile Uploader - Dropzone plugin to allow users to upload more than one image to the Product.

However, displaying a list of all Products, and their first image is not working. Displaying the price (text) works fine though. Even when I specify :firstitem. In the debugger it is getting the list of all images’ URL, but not displaying the first image.

I have tried both to have it in an image element, and a Repeating Group set to images with the data source being Current Cell’s product photos.

Here are some screenshots from the first two being the Product Upload page: multifile uploader and the second two being the Index page where it is displaying all products in the database.

What is interesting is that I can get the photos while still on the Product Upload page but can’t get the photos to display on the Index page

Are you saving the file URL’s from, the mutli-file upload to a list field on the product? When you drag pictures into the upload, it holds the files in the uploader on the client side, but does not save the values to the database. You might need to add a save button to the uploader popup that triggers a workflow to save the files to the product. Once saved to the product, the image on the index page should populate.

Good question! I get the value of Multi-file upload and am saving it to Products as you can see. Still, the images aren’t populating, and I don’t know why.

did you solve this issue? could you please tell me how?

I have not been able to figure this out- any help or pointers would be appreciated from those that have!