Display list as individual things in Rep Group

Hello everyone,

This is the final piece of my app and then it is finally done, yay!
So hopefully one can help me solve this last problem.

To give context: my app lets restaurant owners build ONE form, this form is accessed by their clients and they basically leave a review.

At the moment it is structured as follows:

First a new thing in data type ‘Antwoorden’ is made, then that thing is Added to the list ‘Antwoorden’ of data type ‘Card’ (which is the form). See below.

Now I want each answer to be displayed separately in the repeating group, but right now all the answers are next to each other in one cell and separated with a comma. See below.

How can I make it this way so that every answer has its own cell, so the restaurant owner can then click into that cell to view a detailed report of their client’s experience?

Here’s how it is currently…

Thanks in advance! By the way, antwoorden (Dutch word) = answers

It looks like the content type for your repeating group is currently ‘Cards’ but if you want it to display an answer in each cell, the content type should be ‘antwoorden’.

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Thanks for your reply, I literally just solved it and you were right! :slight_smile:

Right now, the new replies are added at the bottom, instead of at the top. As I’m not using a ‘Search For’ element, how can I make them Descending ‘NO’? So new replies are visible at the top?

add ‘:sorted’ at the end of the data source, then you can set sort by creation date ‘Descending = No’

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That did the trick, thank you very much @adamhholmes ! :smiley:

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