Display list of partners in Repeating Group

User type has field ‘Accountability partners’ which is a list of users.

I struggle with how to display a list of data in a repeating group on separate lines. From what I’ve read, it seems there should be 2 nested RG’s. Below are screenshots of the elements. Not sure where this is going wrong. Could anyone point me in the right direction or maybe a video explanation of how to display lists of data in RG?
Thank you!

@jasonturo You just need one RG of type user and data source as current user’s accountability partners.

I had written about a similar case here - Displaying a list in RG. This link has an editor link as well which demonstrates both the methods - single rg as well as a nested rg.

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Thank you, @sharma.himanshu0608 . I came across your article and actually could not get this to work following the two RG nested steps. I have now tried using what you suggested with one RG, also without success (type: user; data source: current user’s accountability partners; Text box: current user’s accountability partners firstname)

This is not displaying anything. Any ideas where this might be having trouble?

@sharma.himanshu0608 Thought I would trying deleting and starting fresh. Still does not display anything with above sequence. I just tried changing the data source to: do a search for user and that at least displays the full list of the data in a single cell, but nothing when I use data source: current user’s accountability partner

@sharma.himanshu0608 Ah ha! The text box needed to be simpler too: current cell’s user’s firstname

Great that it’s working!

@sharma.himanshu0608 would you know how to only display the number of rows in a RG that has the data for? Ex: 2 things, 2 rows. 10 things, 10 rows.

Thanks so much!

I didn’t get you. You want to index the RG or sort it in ascending/descending order?

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@sharma.himanshu0608 Sorry for the confusion. Looking to ‘collapse/expand’ or ‘show/hide’ rows that are not filled with data in RG. e.g.: only have 2 items of data, but the repeating group could show more (4 rows). Collapse the empty rows of RG.

Try fixed no of cells or full list. Though you should know that a full list will be tiny bit slower than vertical scrolling.

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