Display list of texts sepretly from eachother in a repeating group

In that case, the only explanation is that your list contains just a single text: “Red, Blue, Green”

Which means you’ve done something wrong somewhere in your workflows when adding colours.

hmm im using the “multi select dropdown” to add it to the list? It looks like the multi select drop down is adding them like the following: Blue, Green, Yellowand not like a normal list Blue , green , Yellow with spaces between the comma “,” and colors?

When i added it manually it is working but not from the multi select dropdown?

I have also now tried adding this to when the data is added to the database in the workflow and still (Blue, Green, Red)
Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 08.44.37

Well, if you’re using ‘Add’ to simply add the multi-dropdown’s value to the list then that’s the problem.

‘Add’ is used for adding a single item to a list.

And given that a list of texts can also be printed as a single text (so there will be no error shown in the issue checker, as there would if you were using objects, instead of texts), using ‘Add’ here will just add a single text, containing all the values from the dropdown in a single text.

Depending on what you’re actually trying to do here, you need to use ‘Add List’ or ‘Set List’ instead of ‘Add’.

Sorry for a late reply, Ah i missed that… Now it’s working, thank you once again Adam! :raised_hands:

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