List of text display help

Hi all,

I have a field for a list of text where the user can enter any number of items.

Is there a way to have each item displayed on the page in a separate button?

I can figure out how to show first or last or random but I’m stuck trying to figure out how to show all if I don’t know how many they user will add.

(I’m still working on the layout but think a list of tags, each in its own button.)



You could try a repeating group that is type = text, source = the user’s text list. In the RG cell, add a button, and make the button label the “current cell’s text”. Any workflows from button can just pull from the same - current cell’s text. You can style the repeating group so that the buttons don’t look like they’re super grouped - remove separator, and set it to whatever layout makes the most sense… full list would be good if you don’t anticipate dozens of texts or fixed if you are limiting them.

Would that work for you?

Yes that worked perfectly!

Thank you!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of a repeating group… :thinking:

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