Display Modification Date if newer than Creation Date

I think I having a mental block, but what I am trying do is display the Creation Date or Modification Date of a thing. I know that when a data thing is created in the database the creation and modification date are the same. What I want to do is be able to display the modification date is newer than the creation date.

Scope of my Project: An employee submits their request for time off, their request goes into pending status. The employee can see the date/time stamp is was Created. The employee has the ability to cancel the request, and a cancelled request can be resubmitted.
Each Status (Pending, Cancelled, Denied, Approved) has their own section. When the employee cancels the request they can delete it from records, or resubmit. When they resubmit it goes back to the Pending section but now it has a new Modified date/time stamp and I want to display that instead of the Creation date/time stamp.

I am trying to figure out the best way to do this, I’m thinking conditional formatting to toggle visibility of two different fields. If this can be done with only one field that would be great.

Hi there, @walterfiggeroa… you should be able to get the desired result by adding a conditional to the field that displays the creation date/time that says when the thing’s modified date > the thing’s creation date, set the text of the field equal to the thing’s modified date. Here’s an example…


Want to give that a shot and see if it works for you?

Hope this helps.


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@mikeloc Thank you, had a feeling it was that easy, and just didn’t see it. I was looking around for comparison logic other than that, but that is still a simple solution.

Thank you.

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I am also struggling with this one, however it doesn’t work as it should.
The outcome this is suppose to give is, whenever the field ( in this case; a comment ) is modified, it should show the text ‘edited’.

I have a record, which was created 11/11/2022, 14:02, which I later made modifications to it, at 11/11/2022, 14:04.
Using this method, doesn’t give me the outcome I want, which is the text ‘edited’ to show.

Any other insights ?
It should compare the created and modified date up to the seconds. Cause the field can change within days of being created, but also within seconds of being created.