Display more than 50 items in App Data?

Hi there, I’ve looked around and couldn’t find an answer to this seemingly simple question…

When I go into App Data and I want to view some of my data (or all of it), it only shows about 50 rows at a time. If I want to see more I have to go to the lower right and click “Show 50 more items”.

A lot of my tables have easily over 1,000+ rows in it and to just show all of that means I have to click that button 20 or more times to get it all displayed. This is obviously a major headache.

Is there a way to adjust how many lines get loaded by default, like 300. Or is there a button that just loads the whole table in one click, something obvious like “Load All”?


Hi there, @underhill.dan… I participated in a thread about this same topic back in January, and I don’t believe anything has changed to make the short answer anything other than, well, you can’t.

The longer answer includes things like keep banging on the show more button, use column sorting effectively, upgrade to a paid plan and use the export feature, or even build a page with your own custom view. But, again, to the best of my knowledge, you are not missing something obvious because there is no way to do it right there on the app data tab.


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Thanks @mikeloc, I do have a paid plan so exporting isn’t an issue.

I think what I’ll do however is to make some private administration dashboards for myself that allow me to preview my data in the way I want to see it rather than rely on the native App Data tab. I should be able to easily sort, display in any quantity, filter and delete in a much quicker fashion.

I just wanted some sort of confirmation that what I’m seeing is indeed the way it is before I spent the time setting that up. Thanks again.

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