View more columns in App Data view of a Type

Within the Editor, how do I view more columns in the App Data view of a Type? I can use the horizontal scroll bar, but I’d like the view to expand as I expand the page.

(Attempted to upload an image of a screen clip, but I just got the above text.



If you want to view more/specific columns from a table, you can create a custom view. See GIF below.


Dan (creator of LearnTo)


Hi Dan, thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ve done what you suggested - added almost all of the fields to a view. Then, I go to display the data and only get a few columns - which don’t fill the page like in your example.

This is very strange

When you focus on the contents of the table, can you move your cursor to the left/right?

Depending on your browser, the horizontal scroll bar may be hidden by default but visible when you pan left/right.

As well, try refreshing your session to see if that changes things. (Shouldn’t have to, but worth trying).

Here’s what I found. If I open Bubble (either Chrome or Firefox) with the browser window as wide as my screen can handle. I can see many columns of data.

If I open the Bubble with my browser more narrow, I can only see a few columns. Stretching out the window doesn’t increase the number of columns - this is in Chrome. But, if I open the window wide, collapse it, then extend it again, the number of columns shrinks and grows.

I’m not sure if this is a browser issue or a Bubble issue.

This is very strange behaviour, but it’s something I can deal with now that I know what is going on.

Again, thanks for your time.


@greg3- glad you found a way to navigate it. Along with that, I recommend taking a video recording (via a tool like Screencastify) and logging it as a general usability bug with Bubble.

From what you describe, it seems like more of an issue with Bubble, not your browser.

Dan, good suggestion. I’ll learn how to use Screencastify - never used it before - and update this thread.

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