Display nearest addresses through API

Hey everyone,
I’m working on a feature to do an address search. When a user types an address (in an input or searchbox), they should get a list of addresses in a repeating group that are nearest to the typed address. The addresses are not linked to database during search.

I thought it might be something simple considering Google provides the nearby places and distance/duration feature but I’m kind of stuck here.

Any views on this?

Exactly, you can do it with Google Maps API. But by default in Bubble you can use search input. When you start typing - you see a dropdown list of addresses to autocomplete.

You can use the above as Step 1.

Step 2 - should be a repeating group with the data source - API call that uses the address from the Step 1 as a starting point and request a list of addresses in some radius.

Also it looks like you need not Google Maps API, Google Places API.

Yeah, the Google Places API works. The API shows the list of addresses but is there some way that it would show home addresses? At the moment, it shows places.