Display popup for the first time login

hi everyone,

Here is my situation :

Someone how want to access to my app have to log in first.
so basically, the “first page” (index) of the app is a sign in (or log in) page.
When a user is log in, he directly navigate to the home page of the app.

The problem is :

In the home page, I would like to set up a popup which is displayed only at the first time the user log in.
such as “Welcome in my app” and some other informations.

I can’t find the way to trigger it only at the first connexion.

Thank you so much for your help !


Put a field ofType yes/no in the users data table called first visit and default it to yes. Then when user logs in if first visit is yes show popup and set first visit to no.


Very smart way to solve it !
Thank you so much Patricia !!!

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hi patricia in whta part o workflow i put this conditional?

thanks "

pop where i put the action in the workflow?

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It’s a bit unclear to me too how will the app actually know if it is the first time to login?

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Because when the thing First Time is changed to No in the database, the popup will never show again.

On page load, the conditional mus be to show ONLY IF the thing First Time is Yes and it will happen only in the first login.

Hello, looking for an answer at this same problem, I found another solution that does not imply a new Data Field.

  1. in your workflows after signing up the user, you do a “go to page index” and send some parameters (for example: key=first_time? and parameter=yes.)

  2. in your Index page, go to the workflow tab and add the event “Page is loaded”. For this event, add a workflow “show a popup” with the condition: Only when “get data from page URL”

hope it helps !

hello, am i misunderstanding or is the parameter going to be there every timeuser logs in and not just the first time?

works well until you need to do it with like 10 things

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