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How to Video: Repeating Group (RG), Selecting an Item, and Showing it or Operating on it in a Popup / Pop-up

Dang I’m getting tired of seeing this same question over and over and over in the forums. This post is an attempt to make this information searchable and surfaceable, so please forgive the SEO type writing here…

If you’re looking to select (click on) an item in a repeating group (RG, Repeating Group, RGs, Repeating Groups), select that item and then operate on it… for example, display it in a pop-up (pop up, popup), or reveal details about the item in the repeating group, etc…

I made a video that explains it all. Here is my video about popups and Repeating Groups (Repeating Group):

I’ve linked this answer with various text around it, but apparently, people never find it. So forgive me for posting this yet again. :wink:

Another example of where this information is linked is this post reply about repeating groups and popups and selecting items, etc.:

Toward the end, I just cut off the video as I got into a bunch of silly rejiggering of the UI elements that’s not really interesting! However, by the time you get through most of this, you understand the idea(s) and are probably anxious to try it out for yourself! :wink:


Awesome, thank you for sharing :grinning:

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@keith, thanks for the walk-through. Quick question…

What’s the rationale for setting the custom state to an index as opposed to the thing itself?

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One of the best bubble training videos available!

Thanks, Keith

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:point_up: this question comes up SOOO much and it’s sooo easy – I think the problem is that folks new to Bubble have no concept of what expressions are. Anyway, how to click something in an RG and then do something with it: #lockdownandlearnwithkeith

Hi Keith, your videos are great thanks but the part where you added a type was not clear. Over and over watched this video and others but nowhere can i clearly see how to pass data from a RG into a popup text box.