Display specific data from database

in my database have a word “socialios” i want to display text only contain “socialios” what can i do?

Assuming you want to display multiple records containing a specific text, you can create a Repeating Group (RG) first.
In the Editor for the RG, set its Data Source field to “Do a Search for”
Select the Data Type (seems to be called assetimages) and constrain the search by saying name = “socialios”

Then set in the first row of the RG the fields that you want to show.

In the Editor, under Help, there’s a tutorial called Displaying Data in a Repeating Group that may be of help.


if i only show data without repeating group . can it be done? in a page then i drag text then in my appearance box insert dynamic data. can it be done displaying data from text without repeating group. Thanks

You can use a text field to display

  1. data from a record in a table.
  2. data from several records in a table
    For both, you will need to set th econtent of the field to a dynamic search.

The former is the more common use case, but the latter can be done too. You will need to append a :join with line_break to your search. This way, the content of each record will appear in a different row. If you don’t do that, they will appear one after the other.

The text element will stretch down to accommodate all the data you’re throwing at it.

Hope this helps you!