How to display items from database in text?

Hi, I am about to pull data out of an “customer account” database to get displayed on the Account page. I have selected a “Text - Visual” from where I tried to pull the data “Company Name” from the database. See screenshot attached.

NOTE: The database from where I am pulling the data out from has more than one customer information. But I need to display 1 customer information per account on this page. And each customer has many users connected to it.

It sounds like you will need a repeating group (aka RG). That RG’s source will be a search of the customers. Inside the RG you put that text element as you have set up.

Will the RG display all of the customers? or 1 customer? I need 1 customer per account to be displayed.

What is your question?

My question is: how to pull data from the database and display it in a text-visual element.

Exactly as you did, as showned on your screenshot.

You’ll need to be more descriptive of your question and the problem you encounter if you want us to be abble to help.

Yeah, what exactly are you asking here?

As @rico.trevisan said you will need to have a repeating group to present the customers information.

Repeating Group > Data Source > Customer Account (use constraints, created by = current user)
Then insert a text element (e.g. company name) inside the repeating group. Insert dynamic data (current cell’s customer_account’s company name) or any account details.

This will not show all the customer account data of all customers except current user

Note: You can also set page data type as “customer” if the page is only showing customer specific results and be able to pass page parameters within pages.

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