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Retrieving one record without a repeating group

I want to have a search field through which the user finds a single record, whose fields are then displayed in text fields. Can this be done without using a repeating group? (Which seems like the wrong thing to do.) I keep failing, often with a message that I am trying to display a type, but I need to display a text value.

Can you post your example? There are many reasons why you could be seeing that error, tough to diagnose without a link.

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Problem solved – I think. I’m still wrapping my head around the data binding approach. This time I did it inside of a group instead of a repeating group, and I got it to work, provided I clicked on the pop-up to say I would accept the first returned record in the list. Which was fine, because I’m only returning one record.

Is this the right way to do it? You have to embed the display fields inside a group of some kind? It looks like it, because you specify the search parameters in the group. I wondered if I could just lay a text field on a page and use it to return a dynamic value. If so, I can’t figure out how.

Again, tough to tell without a link. In general, you can have any text reference a dynamic value through the “Insert Dynamic Data” capability in the context panel. Depending on your use case, the path to get there is different.

There are a couple of way of doing the “single record” situation.

You can set up a group, set the data type of the group, and then in your workflow set the group to be a particular instance of that type. So unless you already have the thing/object (maybe because you passed it in a parameter to a page) you are going to have to do the search for … :first item construct. Each text field then just has to reference the thing in the parent group.

Alternative, if you only have a couple of fields, is to just do the search in the text element, and again you will have to do search/first item unless you already have the thing on your page somewhere,