Limit Display of Repeating Group Field

Hi Guys,

I was hoping someone could help me with my query here.

I am attempting to display a singular Data Field from a customer search input thats saved into my database. I have set up a repeating group

and in the repeating group I have included the text box that I wish the data field to be displayed

But I want it to display just that individuals input pertaining to their search not all the search inputs that have been conducted as attached here:

I have tried setting it up in a group rather than repeating group and inserted the text box to do the same but it still shows the list of data fields. Where I just want to retrieve the data field relevant to the customer search.

Any tips, or fundamentals I am missing here?
Im too deep in to see where I have gone wrong!!

Hi there, @mjk… in your first screenshot, click on Search for Customer Search Querys and try adding one or more constraints to your search that limit the results of the search to the desired record.


Hi @mikeloc thank you for your recommendation here. I have run through constraints such as “created by = Customer Search Querys, Creator” but then no results show.

Do you have any recommendations on what the constraint should be?

I’d need to know more about your app to be able to help (and I’m happy to try to do so)… want to shoot a direct message my way with a link to your editor? If you don’t mind me poking around, that would probably be the best way to go.

sure, thanks @mikeloc