Just Show the Rows in a Table - UNRELATED to any user

I have a table of say cars I created and populated myself before the application is every running.
I want to show in a repeating group (as seen in some of the demos); all of the rows of cars in the car table.


In the dialog what “type” of content should it be? I thought it should be cars, but then I can’t get the data source to simply select ALL of the cars, or all of the cars’s name.

The lack of a relational database and convoluted dialogs make this sooOOOoOOooOo difficult.

I want a repeating to display all the rows in a table, outside of any “current user” … HOW???

In the repeating group dialog: what should the content type be, and what should the data source be?? It seems like this is a redundant question.

Frustrated in Philly

Hello, when asking questions its a good idea post link to your editor. We can help you better.

About the question, if you want to show data from your DB:

  • Type of content: Your database
  • Data source: Do a search for X (database name), if you need to apply any kind of filters, you can do it here.

And you should be ready to go.

Thank you - but I tried that and I get an error/issue
Group Car: Data source should be car, but right now it is a List of texts

Any thoughts?

Can you share your editor link?

Soooo… I did what you said, and it seems to get rid of the error, but if I put a text box in repeating group, I can’t set it to “Current Cell’s…”

You know when you put a text control in a repeating group, the text can be set to the Current Cell (or current row) of the data source…

This software is sooOOOoooo frustrating

You have to change your app privacy to everyone can view.

Btw, for speedup this, I created a simple repeating group example:

Editor: https://bubble.io/page?name=index&id=rockandrolla&tab=tabs-1
Test: https://rockandrolla.bubbleapps.io/version-test

You can see there’s a database “MyCoolDB”.
Repeating group:
Current cell … :

It should not be hard to config.

Thank you very much.
Remember to tell everyone WHERE they place the text on the repeating group is important.

Thank you, but it’s obvious when you use repeating group you have to place the text inside the repeating group.

Have you completed the Bubble Lessons?

I’ve completed all the lessons.

When your webpage has an image on it, the Repeating Group is hard to see on the page…

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