Display thing from a repeating group on index in a reusable popup

Hi there. I had this working when my popup was just “a popup,” and now it’s no longer working because I converted the popup to a reusable popup :sob:

It’s a native app so make your viewport less than 500 to view.

Here it is doing what I want it to do, on the current live version. When I click on an image, it brings up a full “card” view, i.e. displaying “Current cell’s Prompt” in the popup:

But in the development version, where I have changed the popup to a reusable… see how there’s nothing on the card?

It seems like I should be able to put Prompt as Data source here:

but “Prompt” is not an option for data source when I click there:

When I click “Edit element” instead, then Prompt is there as the Type of content:

But that doesn’t pull the “Current cell"s Prompt” into the popup, evidentially.

Also, extra copies of “Card View Reusable” keep creating themselves (or I am somehow?!) on the index page…

What am I doing wrong? How do I display my Prompt on the reusable popup that I’ve put onto index?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, you can pass the data source to your reusable element when the users clicks the image.


  1. Leave this in blank

  1. Add a workflow when the user clicks on the Image (An element is clicked):


Display Data in your Reusable Element Card View Reusable
(I created a fast example with a User “table”, but you will use “Pompt” .


  1. show "Card View reusable"

Hope it works,


Yay! That worked. Thank you! That was frustrating me for ages!

Thanks again :slight_smile: