Displaying a list of files in repeating group

I’m creating a tab in my app where users can upload a list of files on an application and display in a repeating group. I’ve created the database where it saves the files and the file description to the current user which will be displayed in the repeating group. After the file/file description is saved, it saves properly in the database but doesn’t want to display properly in the repeating group.

Here are the current workflows/data I’m using along with how the elements look. Does anyone know how to fix this issue so the file description and file can be displayed correctly?

Have you set the source of your repeating group correctly? Looks like it’s not set to anything yet.

I put it on do a search for files and it doesn’t seem to work. I got it to work for a second but it kept displaying a bubble URL within the file

RG data source should be searching for Files (your datatype File) with a constraint Uploaded by = Current user
Then you need another RG inside the cell displaying the Current cell's File's Files (datatype file. the Bubble datatype)
Then inside that cell you need an image element with the data source Current cell's file

This would be if you want to get all files uploaded by someone. If you only want to display a specific “File” (your datatype) and display its list of files (Bubble datatype) then do everything the same but the 1st RG will instead be a group showing the one newly created File

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So I need a rg within a rg? Im just trying to make it so a logged in user can upload/store files and be able to download them from the platform to their current device. I don’t care too much about viewing the files, just need to be able to upload, store, and redownload

Actually try a RG with the datatype file (Bubble file) with the datasource Do a search for File (your datatype, and add a constraint for the user) then after the search :each item's Files. If you don’t want to view the file in the RG, you would probably want to just have a download button in each cell then?

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Yes download button or click to download workflow. I’m trying to make it so a logged in user can upload and redownload and see the list of the files. Here’s the repeating group image and let me know what you think:

Right now your database is structured so a single File (your datatype) contains a list of files (Bubble datatype). So you need to make your RG datatype file (Bubble) and then keep your existing search, then add :each item’s Files (your field name for the list of Bubble files) after your search.

Then get a download file plugin and put the download action on a button, and maybe some text in the cell showing the filename?

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