Repeating group and file list drives me crazy

Dear Bubble Developers! The third day I can not display files in a repeating group, I asked for help from third-party developers, but no one can solve my problem. I am very worried about this, maybe you can help me in solving this issue.

The problem is that after loading files into a cell with the format (list of files), the repeating group does not behave correctly:

  • when downloading multiple files, it displays only one random option from the list of downloaded files (when downloading, the format of this file is changed to .xml)

  • when downloading files to this cell, all positions are displayed one by one, however (when downloading the file data format is changed to .xml)

P.S. when only one file is loaded into the current cell, it is downloaded and displayed correctly.

Please help me, because I am not ready to be gray-haired in my 27 years :slight_smile:

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