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Displaying daily timetable of multiple users on one page

Hello! I’m trying to build an admin page where the admin can view the the timetable (with scheduled time slots) of multiple users. For example, a dentist clinic admin can view all the on-going and upcoming dental sessions of all the dentists in the clinic.

This should be more like a day-calendar view of multiple dentists rather than a set repeating groups with texts specifying start-time and end-time.

Is there any recommended ways or plugins that I can use to achieve this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

P.S. I tried putting Full Calendar (day-view) into a repeating group, but it’s not clean because you’ll have scrollable calendars with the time text (1pm, 2pm, 3pm, …) on all of the calendars (imagine you have 10 dentists). If there’s a better way to do this it’d be super great (unless I’m missing some settings of the Full Calendar).

There’s a couple of calendar plugins that have ‘resource’ views that I know of - there might be others.

  1. Air Calendar
    2 Full Calendar Scheduler

Thank you! I was looking into those plugins but haven’t realized the resource view works too. I think Air Calendar looks better in this case. Though, I may need to configure it a bit to make it bug-free and remove the settings that users may not want to see.

Will also look for other plugins that have this view. Thanks again :slight_smile: