Conditions in Repeating Groups

Hello. I have the user creating tasks where in one of the options they have to select from when creating the task is a radio button field with 4 options. I am setting the value they pick in lowercase to a text field for that task.

I then need to display tasks in different areas depending on what they selected for that radio button. To display those tests I am using repeating groups with the type of content as Tasks. I am then adding a conditional statement along the lines of: (field = parent group’s field is “text”) in order to only show tasks with one of the 4 radio options buttons selected, but just can’t seem to get it to work. Any ideas jump out here? Thank you!

try field = text

I did but it doesn’t seem to let you. Like it wont save the condition.

And it definitely is creating the tasks correctly when the user hits upload as I can see the correct entries into the field when I look at the app data

Might be privacy rules blocking access? You can open up debug mode and inspect the repeating group if that helps.


paste that after your url

Got it!! Thank you!!

What was the issue?

It’s a weird thing where in order to enter your own text you have to select the empty option and then you can type it in. If you try and enter text before doing that it wont allow it.

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