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Show item only when finished

I’m trying to show a to do in a list only when it has a finished state of yes.

The conditional edit appearance is: when current cell’s to’s Finished is “yes”. This element is visible = ticked. Then on appearance element is visible on page load.

However it’s still not showing anything!

Can anyone help? I’ve tried to include some screenshots.



Hi there, @samuel.l.jefferies… I probably don’t understand exactly what you are trying to do, but it looks like you are conditionally showing tasks by putting a conditional on the title element. Why not have a repeating group that shows finished tasks by searching for tasks with a constraint where Finished = yes?


Thanks Mike!

Just gave this ago - no luck, but I feel I’m getting close!!!

Any tips?

Hmm, do you have any elements in that repeating group to show the data for those tasks?

I think that’s what I’m missing! If I want to add an element in (in this case the to-do’s title) do I add that in the repeating groups options panel (can’t see an option there), or as a separate text?

Yes! I’ve done it woho! Added text as the current cells todo’s title.

Pulling in and I feel like Einstein!

Thanks for the pointer!

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