Displaying Data Question Before Launching

I’ve have a repeating group that displays vehicles uploaded by dealerships, Right now it displays on an “Do a search” for listings according to the dealerships zip code. I was wondering would it be any different on the Workload if after the listing is created it adds to a list of “Dealerships Inventory” & “Do a search” for the Dealerships Inventory opposed to Individual Lisitings. Thanks In Advance Community

Oh my… someone help me to understand this question! I want to help :joy:

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I think in the first scenario, the listings have a dealership field (which has zip code field). In the second scenario, the dealership has a list of listings.

If someone wants to view the listings based on ZipCode (XXXXX), the first scenario will be something like this: Do a Search For Listings (advanced) filtered by Dealership’s ZipCode is XXXXX. In the second scenario, it might be Do a Search for Dealerships:filtered by ZipCode (XXXXX):each item’s Listings.

If that’s the case, I don’t know which one would be faster or more efficient internally (by Bubble) :slight_smile: But maybe @rpetribu can help here.

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:sweat_smile: Sorry for the confusion but @hergin explained it perfectly.

If User A’s creates 50 listings each & for User B’s to view these listings the system performs a “Do A Search” for listings according to the users Zip Code.

My question is if User A’s listings were made into a list & the system Searched for User A’s “list of invetory” would it be any faster.