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Which one is faster? Or, does it matter?

This is for @emmanuel or @georgeciobanu

1)Let’s say we have a “store” table that has a field of type products as a list of products

So, in Bubble, when one highlights that store, we can create a repeating group with command: “store’s list of products.”

That will display all of the products linked to that store.

Now, we can do it in a different way…

  1. “Store” table has a “storeID” field
    A Products table has also a storeID field.

Now when one highlights a store, we can create a repeating group with “do a search for…” choose “products” and create a condition:

(products) storeid = (store) storeid

Is one better then the other as far as engine performance goes? Does the second one has to go through the entire products database and match each storeid? or is the engine smart enough to only grab the products based on a particular storeid?

  1. is better, but it shouldn’t matter too much. What’s more important here is how clear the data structure is, and how maintanable it is.
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