Displaying Data

I have set up a form with a “Type” of Car Insurances

A User goes in an puts in details of start date, end date and premium - I can get this data to populate the fields in teh database.

I am now trying to have a page where this data is displayed as follows:

Start Date - dd/mm/yyyy
End Date - dd/mm/yyyy
premium - £xxx

I have created a page for this and created a Group. I an stuck at this point.

If I select “Car Insurance” as Type of Content, I don’t see any data sources (ie. start date, end date, premium which exist in the database).

If I select “date” as a Type of Content I have the same issue.

How do I get those things to display for that particular logged in user?

I have read the manual and seen the video but still unclear I’m afraid!

Hi Pokerboffin, welcome to the community. I’m quite partial to a game of Omaha myself (prefer the hilo version).

Can you post a link to your app or screenshots so we can help diagnose.

I’m a Texas Hold-Em man myself!

A few screenshots:

https://prnt.sc/rf3wwm - this is the database and the entries I am trying to pull out - the entries I am looking for are car_ins_premium, car_ins_provider etc… for that User that is logged in…

I have a page called (view_car_Insurance) . When a user comes to this page I want it to show the Provider, premium, Start Date and Expiry Date.
However I cannot do this, when I create a Group and I put in the Type of content as “Car Insurance”, the Data Source doesnt give me the fields I am looking for https://prnt.sc/rf3y43

Similarly if I change the source to “date” (for the Date fields maybe?), I still don’t get the fields see https://prnt.sc/rf3zdc

Hi there, @pokerboffin… try setting up your Data source like this…

After you have that search set up, you will be able to add fields to the group to display the current user’s data. Here is an example of one of the fields inside the group…


Is that what you’re shooting for?


It Works! Now I have to spend some time to figure out exactly what I did but that’s great.


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Another one (not sure if its best to keep same thread - query is still related to database).

So on the page that the data is displayed, (as solved above), I want to do one more thing. I want to show fields taken from the form which I can now do. However I also want some more Text boxes on this page which are determined by the database items selected. For example, if the provider is “Admiral”, I want to put in a box that gives their Phone number - this phone number is not collected in the form input by the user but is actually stored in a database by me (so for example the logic is that IF car_insurance_provider = “Admiral” then put the number “0207777777” in this box, and email address “xxxx@xxx.com” in the box below. IF car_insurance_provider = “Beagle” then put in phone number “xxx” and email “yyy@yyy.com” etc…

I assume I have to have a separate database somewhere else where I link the “Admiral” and “Beagle” to the relevant “phone numbers” and the “emails”; - clearly I will have to do this for lots of providers and the phone numbers may change so wondering how I do this?

Does that make sense?

Have you read this:

I think you are going through a learning phase on some data structure fundamentals that are covered wonderfully in that manual.

Also, to help both yourself in the learning, as well as to give experienced Bubblers the best shot at helping you, learn the Bubble terminology. For example, you use “database”, where Bubble refers to a Data Type. It’s kinda like calling hole cards “hidden cards” or calling the river “final card”. We could figure it out, but you could make both your and our lives a wee bit easier :slight_smile:


But what do you do, @SerPounce, when the button keeps popping your blind?!? :wink:

Great link, @SerPounce, and I’ve got two words for you, @pokerboffin… option sets. Learn them, live them, love them. :slight_smile:


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@mikeloc In that case, I exploit his predictable over aggressive play :cowboy_hat_face:

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The only correct answer, @SerPounce. Remind me not to play cards with you anytime soon. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Is there anywhere I can get the whole manual in pdf. Looking to print off so that I can mark and annotate.

Ok got the option sets and got them working!

I am going to have about 10 Option Sets, Each with 5 attributes and then around 80-90 Options within each one (so around 5k data points in total). Is there anyway to bulk load them into Bubble from Excel/CSV or am I going to have to put all that in manually?

Unfortunately, no. So, I’m guessing you’re going to want to go with putting those options in the db (regardless of any trade-offs) because I can’t imagine you want to enter 5k things manually.

I thought I had figured out the option set but I haven’t.

The form that collects data has a drop down list of Car Insurance Providers - these come from an option set. This populates the “Car Insurance Provider” field in the Car Insurance Data Type. The user does not enter details for the phone number of the Provider. This is stored as an attribute in the option set.

So on my display page I need it to show the Provider (which I can do) but then also the Provider’s Phone number (which should come from the option set).

Unfortunately I cant seem to do this because when I try to put the dynamic data in, it keeps asking me to choose one of the Options. The whole point is that the Phone number is linked to the Provider and will vary from user too user.

See below

@mikeloc - help! :slight_smile:

I got your use case to work by using a filter on the option set to get to the correct option and grab its phone number…

Want to give that a try?


i think that works! Thanks :+1: :+1: :+1: