Displaying List of Marker By External API Geo Cod(lat, lng) data

I received data from an external API using the API connector. I would like to display that data on the Google Map plugin using lat, long, which comes from the API (without geo address). I see an option called ‘calculate coord to address,’ which works perfectly for a single pin. However, if I change it to a list, I cannot use that option. How can I achieve this with a list of geo coordinate data (not geo address)?


Does the API provider only provide you with the lat and lng and doesn’t also send a geographic address?

They provide a geo address, but it’s of no use to us because we removed the Google GeoCode API feature from our app due to heavy API calls (millions of calls each month). However, we already have lat, lng for markers, so why can’t we use it?
And I tried to use geo address; you can see it still requires geo location API to get the marker pin. But for the single pin map, we can just use the ‘calculate coordToAddress’ feature to set up the marker pin. but for the list that;s the question.

What map element are you using?

Currenly Map. I think its the default map feature from bubble.

Do you have any other plugin suggestion, I used GoogleMap(BDK), Marker Mate, Map Extended, Leafy Map and previously mentioned one. All of them are required geo address (which is required google geo coding api).

Leafy Map does not use Google. It has 3 different map providers to choose from, and it requires the use of coordinates, not geographic addresses to populate the maps

Sorry to including leafy map. I tried with but
I see this only these options. on Leafy Map. Did I miss something. How can I add location data.


Check out the forum showcase post…loads of details of how to use the plugin

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