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Hi there!

I’m trying to populate a map with markers based on coordinates from my Airtable API. I have successfully done this using “Calculate Coord to Address” for a “single” marker on the map. However, I can’t figure out how to make it work for a “list” of markers.

–Single Marker–

I was able to get the Lat/Long from Airtable and use :first item to grab a singular set of coordinates. Works like a charm!

–List of Markers–

As you can see from the evaluator…It’s pulling the coordinates, but just not breaking them out into a list of markers. I’ve tried :items from #, :items to #, and a few other options from the “List of Things” but I’m all out of ideas.

I feel like I’m on the right track, but there’s probably something fundamental that I’m missing. Would appreciate any advice or assistance.


You need to use Google Maps Extended plugin. It provides an action “Show list of markers on the map”. This action takes a list of coordinates.

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot

Ok. So I downloaded Google Maps Extended and I’m making progress. However, I’m still struggling to figure out how to display a list or markers by pulling a google address (or coordinates) from my own Airtable API.

When “thing” is set to “text” it recognizes my Google Address field…but still isn’t displaying them. Same thing happened when I tried coordinates. I’m probably missing something pretty simple. Any advice @AliFarahat.

Thanks for the Plugin!

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