Displaying Lists as Text Error

Hi guys,

I am having an issue when trying to display lists via text either in a custom state (list) or referring to input value.

Please see below:

Has anyone else been experiencing this? And if I am doing something incorrectly, please help!

Thank you very much

Experiencing what?

What exactly is the issue?

(what are you trying to do? and what isn’t working the way you expect it to?)

2nd photo: Right hand side, Electricity Bill Size: [text: is input value from left hand panel Electricity Bill]

I want to display the input values from the multi-line dropdown as a text value, so they appear as a comma seperated list.

What is happening is that, with only two values in the input, it is showing double the inputs

I can’t make any sense out of what you’ve got in your Text TZ element…

But all you need to do is refer to the input’s value.


Electricity Bill Size:
Input Elec. Bill Main's Value: each item's Display

If input elec. bill is empty, returns a no: value is input elec. bill value: each item’s Display

else input elec. bill is empty, returns a yes: value is null

As you have mentioned above, it is attempting to do this but it is still displaying multiple of the same thing.

I can’t work out what you’re tying to do…

Are you just trying to display the selected values from the multidropdown?

Yes. As a text element.

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