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How to set up an RSS feed

Hi everyone!

I’ve noticed a lot of questions pop up around the forum about setting up an RSS feed in your app. I have a simple solution that’ll help a lot of you out! This won’t address 100% of use-cases, but it’s a great way to get up and running quickly with your feed.

Check out this quick “how to” video on setting it up in your app.


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Thank you very much for this. I was able to setup a rss feed from Cnet.

I was wondering how would someone go about setting up multiple news feeds for one repeating group so that the feed is pulling from a variety instead of just one?

Thank you

Hey @randreas, I think I may have answered this elsewhere (so you might already have my response), but you can merge multiple data sources together from the RSS plugin. Like this: “Get data from external API merged with Get data from external API” - those will change automatically once you select the RSS plugin.

@romanmg, I am trying to follow your steps, but this rss link from Google Alerts does not populate anything into my feed. Any tips to get this to work?

Hi @jwtuckr, it looks like this URL isn’t translating as an XML file. Typically, RSS feeds with a “.xml” extension work best with this.

See this:

There isn’t a solution there, unfortunately, but just wanted to share that there’s something with the way Google Alerts has their feeds formatted where it’s not a true XML file (I think), and the plugin is looking for an XML formatted source.

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Hi, I am trying to figure out how to:

  1. Use RSS mix feed (from various sources) and show it in the same repeating group within my website/page.
  2. Also, the mix for API data.

I am relatively new to the Bubble. Yet, I have been searching though to find out answers on this, but couldn’t, so far.

Would you please help answer this, if possible with a visual?

Thank you.

Perhaps this might help:

Hi, Thank you very much , this does help.
One last help to still be able to make next steps : how to integrate multiple RSS feeds within one repeating group? I.e. I have added multiple API links/calls within the bubble’s API plugin. Now I need to be able to source from all of them and show news (from multiple sources) within one same repeating group. How to configure this (at design/workflow)?

I tried to figure it out. Probably I can use ‘merge with’ to combine and get data from multiple ‘RSS’ sources (Through API Plugin).

However can’t finish it. It somehow needs some other input to accept the ‘data source’. What should be done differently to get it to work?
Any ideas? Thanks!

hI @romanmg,

Is it possible to add some data to fetched feeds? I mean for example I will fetch news from several news sites and I would like to promote one becasue they pay me for that, is it possible to do? Any ideas how to do this? Add some dynamic field or something?

Hi @romanmg . I watched your video and set up an RSS feed in a repeating group but nothing I try allows an image. What is the best way to display an image from an RSS group that has images?

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Hey, is it possible to save RSS items to the database? How could I achieve that?

Hey! Did you ever find an answer to the image issue? I’m having the same problem of images not displaying using the RSS plug-in.