Displaying Output from Replicate Api


i have set up the api correctly and have a backend webhook responding populating my data base with the correct output url (link to final image/s) in replicate.

My question is how do i display this image in my bubble app, its probably a simple answer but i am having great difficulty figuring it out. What step do i need in my workflow.

Update i got the images in the database as images but i cant display them on the front end.
Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 09.12.22

The webhook returns the output, but how do i get it to display in the front end? Any help would be really appreciated.


Hi @dcor123 :wave:

Can’t you display them inside a repeating group?

No that doesnt work as multiple images are imported as one output from the webhook

Yes it works. :+1:

First question is: Do you want to save them in your database? If yes, than the example above solve the issue. No big deal…

If you don’t want to save the URLs in your database… if you only want to display the output as a gallery, than you need to share more information about your output structure.

let me check again, i do want to save them in my db

actually i want to display the images as a gallery giving the option for the user to save it to their db. thanks for the help btw

Ok… so if I understood correctly, you want to make a POST to somewhere, transform the received URLs in an image gallery and give the users the opportunity to save them in their own database.

That is right?

First, if the call is happening in backend, you will not be able to show nothing to your users. Unless you save the result in your database first. To show your users the output of your call without save it in your database, you will need to do it frontend.

So basically we have to paths:

  1. Use the backend workflow, save the output in your database, retrieve this list in some page and allow your users to select the images they want; OR

  2. Use the frontend workflow, show the output as a gallery and allow your users to select the images they want.

What path you want to go?

Thanks, im using a backend workflow for the webhooks, as they await response from replicate. I have created a new db entry in this workflow, saving the out from the api. The issue is i cant seem to get these images displaying on my front end, to users

Ok. Can you elaborate better? What is the issue?
Do you know how to create a repeating group?
The issue is that the repeating group works, but you don’t see the images?
Can you share images of you page and database?
How did you configured your repeating group?

thanks man, i got it via repeating groups and saving the images from the webhook to s3. Now i just need to figure out how to let people download the images from s3 or save the displayed image to their own account…always a challenge in bubble… thanks again