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i am using the replicate api to get some generated images(works great). To save the “list” of images in my database i split them by ", ", but doesnt seem to work when i try to show them in a repeating group.

The output i receive from the api is the following: “,”.

Am i saving them wrong? Thinking i have to be, since they dont show up in the repeating group(doing a search for images)

Are you saving them to the database as text fields or as image fields?

Can you share a picture of the repeating group’s data setup and the workflow which saves them to the database. That would be helpful.

In the meantime you could check your privacy rules. If your data thing is set to private in your privacy rules then the search will not return the results you are looking for.

Saving them as image fields(list of images).

RG Setup:

Database Setup:

Use the ‘set list’ operator instead of the ‘add’ operator when adding the images to ProductIMG.
‘Add’ is only used to add a single element to a list. So it would treat the list of URLs as a single long text, which would then not be recognised as a URL in your RG . I am surprised that bubble doesn’t flag that expression as an error.

The RG setup also has a little problem. The ‘Image’ element cannot display a list of images, and in your screenshots you’re showing that you are giving it the entire ProductIMG’s outputtIMG list.
Do you want to display a slideshow? There are plugins such as the ‘slick slideshow’ which are made to display a list of images.
Alternatively you could only display the first image. Or you could display one image at a time by using 'Current cell's ProductIMG outputtimg item# custom state''and then changing the value of the custom state with some arrows.

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you are a lifesaver, thank you!

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