Displaying Repeated Group Values From Tables Grouping By Fields


I have the following table structure, from which I need to display the values in repeating groups - would anyone know how to please?

In brief: Each row of Column 1 has Q#; For each Q#, there are 8 teams who have got a score in each Q#. Effectively, in the database, there are 8 rows (one for each team) with a field Q# and another field called Score.
In other words, each Question has 8 rows in the table - one for each team, with a field signifying the score. I’m trying to construct a repeating group (as shown in figure) where column 1 gives the Q# and the scores obtained by each team is the value of each field in the row. How could I do it would you know? When I try to take the table as the Type of this repeating group, it populates 8 rows for the same Q#. I want only 1 row for the Q#.

Repeating Group has the following columns:

Table: Note that there are two Q#s (1 & 2); two teams (1&2); For each qn, the scores obtained by the individual teams is mentioned QnDetails-PresentScore. Effectively, I want the repeating group to display two rows here (one for each question), rather than 4 rows.

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