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How can i make the table design tto look like i want?

how can i make a repeating group show like a table?
I tried to use repeating group settings to select columns, but it shows the same value in each column

i want the table from the right to look the same was as the table from the left.
Thank you

Use a thin “shape” (1 pixel) to draw a vertical line in the first cell, it will be repeated in all others, giving an illusion thats a cell border

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Wow I didn’t know that if you drew a line inside a repeating group it would replicate itself. Thanks for that knowledge!

Does this also mean that everything I draw inside a repeating group will always repeat itself?

Thank you in advance!


Yes, everything in the repeating group will be repeated. It’s a concept that I didn’t understand at all when I started. But look at any website that shows “blocks” of data that are the same and you’ll see repeating groups everywhere. Facebook has them everywhere. for example, uses Google’s Material Design to create cards.

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MD looking very good there.

Sort of … every element will repeat. But each element can have conditions, and each “box” will take on those conditions from the data.

So you can have a repeating group with different icons depending on data. Or you could have an entirely different layout by showing or hiding groups.


Ooh… I never thought of that @NigelG. Now… I wonder what use cases I can think of???

Thanks @NigelG. No comment on the quality of the ART, though!

Ah so in programming terms its like a loop where n is equal to the size of the repeating group!

All a bit above the likes of me guv’nor :slight_smile:

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