Displaying "time", formatting, saving/reseting data

Creating a basic time tracking solution. The overall concept is simple, a driver needs to fill this out once per week. On a Saturday, they go in and fill in the hours worked for the entire week, then if the total amount of hours is greater than 14 hours the grid log check field is automatically checked off. Some things I am having trouble finding a solution to:

How can I auto populate the log date so drivers don’t need to physically select the date every time?
How do I set the data up so that this information is saved, per driver, and also resets after the week?
In the total hours worked field, I cannot get it to display an actual “time”, is this even possible?
The time on duty inputs would look great as the built in time picker, but I have yet to find a way to hide the date field since I just want the ability to show start and end time, and have that calculate to display the total hours worked.

I would greatly appreciate any help, thanks!

Hi @visionation

Conscious this post was many years ago!

Did you complete this time tracking application in the end? I’m currently building something similar, so was curious as to how you got on. :slight_smile: