Distance between not working

I’m trying to calculate the distance between two geo addresses but can’t get it to work when using geo addresses saved as states.
Video below that shows the issue:

Just a heads up, you are not actually using the ‘geographic address’ state that you referenced. You are using the ‘Prop’ state and accessing its ‘address Geo’ field. But it seems to me that it should work regardless of this.

Try using the debugger’s ‘step by step’ functionality to see what data is being fed into your dynamic expressions, as well as any runtime errors/warnings. The editor’s issue checker is not the only tool in your arsenal to spot errors/bugs.

Thanks. Yep it’s still a geo state so as you said should work.
I did a step by step and it was showing the following on the page (prior to pressing the button).
On the step by step it was showing the address fields as null although I am displaying them on screen ok!

If anyone else finds themselves with a similar issue and solves it do let me know!
I have done a work around to make it work - By setting the initial value of two searchbox inputs as the two geo location custom states, and then performing the calc based upon the search box inputs.
I have then set the height of the search boxes to zero to hide them.
A hack but it works!