Distracting .svg file and video not autoplaying on new app created by new bubbler

Hello all,
In the past 4 weekends, I created my first app on bubble, and these forum posts helped me on the journey. I am in the final testing phase and I’m down to two issues I’m still working to resolve, and I figured I’d reach out and ask to be pointed in the right direction.
On my app landing page, there’s an .svg file that shows up near the top that is unwelcome and basically a distraction. I don’t know what I might have done to bring it onto my page. Can you please suggest a few options for me to try as I work to remove it? I’ve tried for about 3 - 4 hours already.
And, the second challenge (opportunity) is my YouTube video. It autoplays and loops like it should if I use the “change app language” button, but it does not autoplay when I simply call up the app URL. I’d like it to autoplay when a visitor just lands on the app URL. The check box is clicked in the Editor to ‘play the video automatically upon load’.
Thank you for any guidance you can provide! Hopefully this can help others, as well. - Ed


Solved by a suggestion from @boston85719
Thank you, boston85719 !

In the event that others see this and are curious how it was resolved.

When you preview the app click inspect button and hover over the element to check the name of the element that’s displaying the image and if has conditionals what are they.

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