DNS settings with strato: 1001 error for subdomain www

Hi everybode,
I am struggling with the correct domain settings for our bubble-app.

DNS hosting service is strato.de (German provider).

https://myminutes.de is all set-up and running. Though strato.de only allows 1 A-Record and I didn’t setup any other DNS entries.

https://www.myminutes.de was setup very similar. I could only use 1 A-Record provided on the bubble page on strato. But I constantly get a 1001 error (DNS change was made 8 hours ago).

Anyone any suggestions or similar experiences?
What is the easiest way to setup the www-subdomain? Do I have to add any C-name records?


Saw that you got both of them up, what did you do to get it to work for the one with the 1001 error?

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