DNS SquareSpace

Hi, I updated Squarespace DNS with bubble settings. It has been more than 36 hours but there is still an error: “We found bad DNS records…” However, DNS Checker is showing that my url is propagated. What am I doing wrong ? If someone can help.

Try removing the domain in Bubble and logout. Then login and add it again. Wait for 30 minutes and see of it helps.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.
Worst than that, I just figured out that Bubble changed the DNS records for my other APP on my account. And now, both of my APPs have the exact same DNS recrods… Isn’t weird? Can it work if both of my APPs have the same DNS records proposed by Bubble (with 2 different domain names and domain registrars)?

Please, if someone can help me!
It’s jeopardizing my both businesses… And I have not received any solution from Bubble support team so far!