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Urgent Help Needed: Bubble Not Recognizing Propagated Records


I’ve added my own domain and configured the DNS records as per Bubble’s instructions. I then used DNS Checker to confirm that the DNS changes have propagated across the internet. According to DNS Checker, everything is set up correctly.

However, when I go back to Bubble, it simply doesn’t acknowledge the DNS changes. I’ve double-checked my work to ensure there isn’t a mistake on my end, but everything seems in order.

I’m really at a loss here and I would appreciate any help or guidance from you all.
Thank you in advance.

Wait 24 hours. It’ll work.

It’s been about 5 already.

5 hours? Wait 24 hours. Mine took 36 once. Is it annoying? Yeah. Are we impatient? Yeah. Is there nothing we can do about it? Yeah. Will it work eventually? Yeah.

5 days and as I said, I checked on DNS Checker and it has already been propagated through the internet.

I would reach out directly to your domain provider and ask for help - they can usually fix this on their end pretty quickly. I’ve run into DNS issues on Bubble, Wordpress, etc and the domain provider has always been able to solve it for me.

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I’ve done that too, they checked it and everything is fine on their side. I believe the problem is in Bubble. Also, for some people I sent the link, the page I built in Bubble did load, but for many it still isn’t loading.

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Try clearing DNS caches. Also, change the TTL on your domains to like 5 minutes. It looks like it’s client side if some people can access it… What’s the URL?

How do I clean DNS caches? I cleaned my browser’s cache and my PC’s as well. The TTL is 1800 if I remember correctly. Will try to reduce it to see if it works.

The URL is It should load a page with white background and a big image of a Jeep car on the right side.

It’s working, the issue is somewhere between your ISP and your PC

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It makes sense. I don’t know what else to do. I also reset my internet modem and it’s still not working. What intrigues me is that although it is loading for some people, like you, my Bubble dashboard shows that it is not recognizing DNS records.

You mean that when you ‘check settings’ it shows as not connected/recognised?

Open it in a new browser, your phone, or an incognito window.

Might work.

If so your browser (maybe) is caching the old dns records.


It’s because you have CAA records. Bubble can’t issue the SSL certificate. Docs here: Domain & DNS - Bubble Docs

Delete your CAA records. Because the TTL is 240 minutes (14400 seconds) it could take a while for this change to propogate.

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I’ll try it now. Thank you for it. Hope it’ll work!

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