Anyone have any ideas why this isn't returning any results?

I have added a database entry (in development mode) and set up a Repeating Group to search. However, whilst it has been a few weeks since my last bit of Bubbling, I can’t for the life of me figure out why it is not returning as a result (i.e. no results are returning).

I have the RG hidden, but another group which should show if the first entry is not empty, and it’s not showing. I have also tried it within the RG cell itself with the RG not hidden… Definitely not finding the database entry.

I have tried deleting the db entry and adding a new one, and I have tried with multiple db entries, but still no luck.

Am I missing something obvious here?

Any ideas most welcome.

EDIT - forgot to add, I am logged in as that user… the one it is assigned to.

In your search, try to replace “contains” by “is”.

Also, as long as the RG is hidden, it will not load its data.

What I suggest, if I can, is to add a state (check the list checkbox) to your page, with type = “Touch point / To do”. Then you add a Workflow “page loaded” in which you add the action “set states” that will populate the list state of your page with the “do a search for”.

Then, set your RG data source to this state. This way, when the RG will be visible, the contents will directly be there.

I think the replacement of “contains” by “is” should make things better. Give a try ans let us know!

OK well, forget. I didn’t noticed your database screenshot.

I see the “User assigned to” field set with an email address. Could you plezmzse confirm that the type of this field, in your DB structure, is User? If it is, replacing the “contains” of your search by a “is” should help. Else, if ever the User Assigned To field is of type “text” (or email), you have to options : 1) replace the field type by User, 2) do your search by using Current User’s Email (for the 2 search constraints).

Let me know!

Hi Christophe… Thanks. The Field is a List of Users, so I need (and can only) use ‘contains’.

It also didn’t populate with anything when the RG was visible (not hidden).

I could try using states, but given this is basic 101 and it has always worked in the past, I really don’t know what I am missing.

Hum, ok. Weird…

Is there any conditional around your rg or your group displaying info for the first rg item, that could explain why nothing is displayed?

Do not hesitate to share more screenshots.

Nope - no conditions. It’s definitely not that the element is not showing… It’s definitely that the RG is returning no results, and I can’t figure out why.

Privacy rules getting in the way, by any chance?


Thanks Mike. No - no privacy rules set as yet.

Add a group somewhere in your page, out of the RG, and populate it using the same search than for the RG. In this group add a text element, and get the Parent group’s User’s Email displayed into.

We’ll see if the problem is around the RG, or around your dabatase

Unfortunately nothing showing. The group should show my email, but again nothing. The text element shows if I simply use static text, so no issues with displaying or visibility. Must be a db issue. But even then, I have tried several different database entries.

Don’t be offended, just to be sure : are you testing using the dev environment (version-test part in the url) ? Browser cache empty/refreshed?

Yep. Development version-test. Cache cleared.

Strange, I don’t understand why the date you use to sort the results is greater than the modified date of the db item. Also, the format of this field imdoesn’t seem to be a standard date format.

My 2 cents : remove the sort field.
If no result, remove the Actioned by field of the search, keep only the field with data in the DB (assigned to field).

But what’s weird, is that if the sort date field has been set at 4pm, the modified date should be at least the same, 4pm, not 2pm…

I have tried with just the one field (i.e. assigned to) and no sorting. Still not finding it.

The time is different as it is manually entered (using the format requested in the field). Regardless, sort shouldn’t stop it being found.

Have you tried to enable debug mode and step by step run? That could help to verify which steps are done / not done, retrieve data or not.

What happens with your DB?!

I added a button to create a new entry on press. That worked. For some reason, when the creator is App Admin it was not showing. All the details were the same. Very strange, but got there in the end. Thanks for your suggestions and efforts.

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Great news, all is OK at the end!

(and good to know!)


I think I had the same issue a few days ago. When you add a data type and create a RG and see the preview it doesn’t show anything for such Repeating Group. Well, there’s a setting causing this issue that I found by myself and this is how I fixed it.

Go to Data panel > Privacy settings, for some reason there could be a privacy rule which set the data type as “private”. All you have to do is remove, change or delete such private rule setting and make sure your data type is marked as “public”.

And that’s it. Your RG should show on preview as usual.

Please let me know if this is the issue and this note helps you.

Jorge Amparan
Lappicero Studio

Yes Privacy Settings for me, that worked, thanks!

In step by step debugging mode, should had been great if Bubble said “no result, my be because of data privacy rules”…