Search not working in API Workflow

I am sending data to my application from another application. The app then should search for a job by a Unique ID (JobinternalID) and then either make changes or create a new job.

For some reason the search does not work in API workflows. I have even copy and pasted exact values (example below) but it keeps on creating a new job.

If I copy and paste the search expression and just put it on one of the pages as a repeating group, it finds multiple jobs (It does the same if it’s just one)

Any idea what’s happening here?

This is the expression:

This is the result on a standard page for the exactly same expression (minus first item)


I have now tried to trim the text (didn’t work), group the jobs by the internalID - worked on a standard page not in API workflow.

Any suggestions?

If it works normally and not in API workflows, you might be on a plan that doesn’t support API workflows.

@stone good point, thank you for your answer. However other workflows work. The only part that does not work is this Search.

I got it to work somehow if I copy and paste the jobIDinternal number: 12092D12D4, create a random button and schedule API workflow. And I send it as a text. Then the Search works. However if I trigger the api workflow through the different app it always Creates a new job. It never finds the job based on the jobIDinternal even though it saves it.

So even if I trigger the workflow below multiple times with same data it always creates a new job every single time. Any suggestions?


Sorry I haven’t used the app connector much, but is it possible to send the database item itself to the API endpoint? So that no search is needed.

it’s one request at the time through webhooks

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