Do a search for - partial match

Good evening,

I have been building an app where users can find people to help them depending on goals they selected during their onboarding process.
Goals are an option set, and jobs too.

I have a list of jobs that match users goals. For example for goal n°1 matches job n°2 and job n°3.

In goals option set i have an attribute called MatchingJobs, where i put matching jobs for each goals. Same for jobs => goals.

Jobs is a list of jobs coming from the option set in the User table. During their onboarding, they can select several jobs.

What I am trying to achieve is when the users logs in, the list of matching people is displayed in a repeating groups.

The problem I have been facing is for displaying data. I have been trying to do a search for. But this returns only exact matches. If i select Goal n°1 (that should match job n°2 and job n°3) and i have a user that only has job n°2 in his profile, it is not returned.

I would like to know if there is a way to do partial match or to check in a query if jobs contains only some of the goals…
Is using a list:filteredBy a good solution ?

So far i have been checking every single item of the matching goals in the job field but it returns only exacts match. Plus, i only get 4 filtering options in the request as you can see on the picture below :

It looks like Do a search for is like AND condition and there is no way to have partial match.

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Hello Mickael, did you manage to solve this? I am having the same issue

Hello @gian , I ended up using :filtered with advanced filter. I used intersect with between the 2 lists to count the number of match between two lists.
In the end, my condition looked like : advanced: list1 intersects with lists2 :count > 0


Smart! I’ll try it out.
Thank you.

@mickael.vermand did you manage to prioritize showing perfect matches on partial ones?


I am getting at the same point for my app.

I am a beginer so i dont know how to use them. Would you mind to share in details please ? I also use option set