Do a search repeating group problem

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with a repeating group that allows me to search a thing.

I have two things linked:

  • a generic bottle of wine with many characteristics in the table BOTTLE
  • many bottles of wine that are stored in my potential clients’ digital cellars in the table RELAT_CELLAR_BOTTLE_USER. In this table I have the first data which is BOTTLE in which I store a generic bottle of wine of the table BOTTLE.

I created a repeating group in order to look for the bottles that people have (RELAT_CELLAR_BOTTLE_USER) and that match the generic bottle in order to see the many bottles stocked in digital cellars with these specs.

Because I want to see the data of RELAT_CELLAR_BOTTLE_USER stocked bottles in this repeating group, I chose this data type for this RG.

But the problem is that in the search page CATALOGUE_TEST I chose BOTTLES characteristics to look for those bottles and that in the RESULTS_RG_TEST I can’t do a search for those datas with key URL Parameters that I import from CATALOGUE_TEST. I can only look for the BOTTLE which is the first field of the RELAT_CELLA_BOTTLE_USER. But this field is a BOTTLE so I thought I would be able to look for specific characteristics of those generic bottles in this repeating group. But it only allows me to look for a BOTTLE. I can dig in this auxiliary table.

Please help me. here is the view only mode link to the app: Pif Club | Bubble Editor

Why not create filters on the search page itself? You could even create your own custom filters using elements to simulate searchbox or use custom checkboxes, or any other type you want. You can even create relationships between filters to not display unnecessary data. Or is there some specific reason why you’re using URL parameters?


Thanks Newed.

I used URL parameters in order to be able to search items given multiple criterias in the results page. But if I only need one page that would be great.

So I put the repeating group directly in the CATALOGUE_TEST page and tried to do a search with the searchbox RECHERCHER… but the problem is that I want to import datas from the RELAT_CELLAR_BOTTLE_USER table AND from the BOTTLE table. The RELAT table has for its first field the BOTTLE which is a thing of the BOTTLE table. But I completely struggle to do a search for a bottle that matches a word of the searchbox RECHERCHER…

Maybe it is just impossible to search for datas in a table thanks to an field contained in another table?
I need something like : Relat_cellar_bottle_user’s Bottle’s Appellation (or any field from the BOTTLE table)'s Name = Input Rechercher…'s value. I can only pick one of these fields instead:

Hi @Newed,
I tried a first filter on my things and it works. But the speed of it is not that good.
The table that I am trying to filter might have a lot of elements (maybe a thousand). Do you think that it is reasonable to do so or that I might have to merge the two tables in order to be able to do a “do a search” which seems faster?

But you don’t intend to display all the results at once to the user, right? You can (should) limit the amount of displayed items and if necessary create pagination, additional loading when scrolling or clicking on something.

Thanks @Newed for your help.

I did otherwise. I deleted the generic bottle table and I now have access to all the bottle characteristics.